Mood Lighting

One of the wedding 'must haves'.  

Our LED mood lighting can set off the features of your venue and help to create that elegant atmosphere you've been looking for. They can be set to match your colour scheme, or simply set to match the venue. You can have each light in a different colour too if you wish.

By using my experience with placement, as well as working with the venue and the client, we can create the best effect possible from the lighting..

The pictures below show just a few examples on how mood lighting can change the appearance of your venue.  Prices start at just £129 when booked with our DJ service! For further information please contact us.

'Dancing On The Clouds'

We have the perfect effect that will make your first dance one that you and your guests will remember for many years to come! We call it “Dancing on the Clouds”.

This is a fantastic photo opportunity which will amaze your guests.

The cloud is created using real dry ice, not low lying fog fluid or ice cubes. The clouds last for the duration of your song, and the effect will be talked about all evening but the memories of you Dancing on the Clouds will last a lifetime.

*Please note that some venues may be reluctant for this safe and harmless effect to be used at your event.This is NOT a smoke machine and the plumes consist of frozen co2 gas (the gas we breathe out). Due to its nature, it stays close to the ground and anything above knee level evaporates immediately. This means that smoke detectors/fire alarms WILL NOT be affected.

We will be more than happy to speak with your wedding venue regarding this effect.  Available from just £150 when booked with our DJ service.

The Dream Experience

LOVE letters

We have a great selection of large letters,  which add a real ‘wow’ factor to your wedding! There is our popular 5ft & 4ft LOVE , 4ft Love Heart, 3ft Acrylic LOVE and 2ft MR & MRS. These are all available in a colour of your choice, and help capture  some fantastic wedding photographs. For a larger picture please just click on the image. For price and availability please contact us.

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Award Winning DJ Packages

Please have a browse through the pictures below of just some of the dj packages I offer. Each and every package is built to suit your requirements, and your budget! Simply click on the image to enlarge.

If you like a particular package just make a note of it and include it on your enquiry form in the ''Enquire' section. Please note however that the pictures are a guide, and that each venue varies in size and time allowed to set up.